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March 2, 2011

photo: Rino Engdal
model: Christina / theartofbatsandbows


i eat jokes like you for breakfast

January 19, 2011

photo: Rino Engdal


December 5, 2010

moving the mannequin

December 4, 2010

jeg savner deg

concealer and collar bones

November 28, 2010

first photo: model: Rino Endgal
second photo: batsandbows by Rino Engal

gameface double daze

November 21, 2010

this is my boyfriend. i didn’t have to say that, you have already noticed his prevoius appearances on my blog – or at least i assume so.

thing is, he took a photo of himself being all hot, making love to the mirror in his bedroom. so i decided to steal his clothes and try to take the same picture of myself in front of the same mirror. this is the result.

batshit wildfox

November 19, 2010

batsandbows by Rino Engdal

dinner at the fort

November 12, 2010


it will hear us

November 8, 2010

instructions for batsandbows:

give your heart some rest. twirl your feet on the balcony railing and know he will capture this picture, your hands, as long as you don’t fall.

midnight minutes do not wait

November 4, 2010

i know the pearls of red embodies mint and grace

swing your hips, wave that flag

these drums will play forever