Who is BatsAndBows?


Bats & Bows. That’s the music.

Bats & Bows is so much more than the music. Its the extension of my mind, where i get to show my art, moments, magic and drops of inspiration.

Unless anything else is mentioned, all photos are taken by me. Some though, are taken by my dear friends.

Life is a box of walls falling down, unleashing dimensions we should embrace, not fear.

-Christina. I am batsandbows.



photo: Rino Engdal


5 Responses to “Who is BatsAndBows?”

  1. x Says:


  2. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. lina Says:

    ahahaha. hello gorgeous. love what you’ve done to your hair. ;-)

  4. Nina Says:

    Hey, thanks for commenting! I love all the photos I’ve seen on your blog so far from browsing! Looking forward to seeing more posts :)

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