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mussle soup

February 27, 2011

photo: Sara Johannessen


connect the parts

February 26, 2011

how can a heart beat that slow when she is running
connect the parts, i know this is the time

christina / theartofbatsandbows


February 22, 2011

yes, i haven’t posted in a while

that will change

batsandbows is transforming into theartofbatsandbows

very soon


you look so analogue from here

February 9, 2011

photo: André Verheugen


February 8, 2011

anything you might have left out?
someone you might have decided not to mention?

bridges close, cars break, heaven cracks and all you did was claim your freedom.

Stina Von D

February 6, 2011

model: Stina
photo: Christina / Batsandbows


February 1, 2011

rip off the wallpaper, smash the lamp, throw chairs and kick the mirror.

smile, run your fingertips across the leather arm rest.