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Jack Lady Sparrow Gaga

January 27, 2011

a black plastic eye patch went from being just that, to become a one item only, lace, pearls, strass decorated eye patch.

eye patch made by Batsandbows



January 25, 2011

second thoughts

January 25, 2011

it’s ok to be me as long as i am the me that you want me to be.

that’s not ok with me. the me that i am.

i eat jokes like you for breakfast

January 19, 2011

photo: Rino Engdal

i close you open

January 14, 2011

i. close you open
i close. you open
i close you. open

model: Christina / batsandbows
photo: Ingrid Harboe


January 11, 2011

places i’ve been, moments i’ve seen, memories within.

i quit drinking

and smoking

xoxo batsandbows


M & D

January 10, 2011

i took this photo of my dear friends M&D a couple of weeks ago.

this is true love.

photo: batsandbows

raw love. raw food.

January 4, 2011

photo: ingrid harboe
model and colour edit: christina / batsandbows

pink stone magic back bone

January 3, 2011

notice the two hearts in my eyes in the first picture.
there is no editing involved in that.
they were there the whole time.

days over due

January 2, 2011

time will stand still
still our blood moves