sugar in the salt shaker

wednesday night
spring rolls
chai latte w soy
engine restart 7 times
frozen fingers
two tickets
i blame coco

we loved it


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5 Responses to “sugar in the salt shaker”

  1. lina Says:

    hi gorgeous. i love your jacket. it looks amazing on you. i want it in purple. hehe.
    how was i blame coco this time?

    • batsandbows Says:

      Thank you! :) The jacket was for up for purchase last year, and i think i was the only one who bought it – even on 70% sale, the rack was still full haha. I love it though, its one of my favs!

      Coco, my dear Eliot, she was absolutely amazing this time too, and the venue was packed! We didn’t wait around for her this time, i was too tired to function and went to the boyfriend to eat and cuddle – sorry Coco!

      If she comes to Vienna – go see her. She is beyond words.

    • lina Says:

      can’t believe that noone wanted to buy that jacket… well, people don’t have good taste in clothes. haha

      awww, so you prefer staying home with your bf more than going out these days? that’s sweet.

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