gameface double daze

this is my boyfriend. i didn’t have to say that, you have already noticed his prevoius appearances on my blog – or at least i assume so.

thing is, he took a photo of himself being all hot, making love to the mirror in his bedroom. so i decided to steal his clothes and try to take the same picture of myself in front of the same mirror. this is the result.


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7 Responses to “gameface double daze”

  1. Paulet Says:

    OMG! yes i remember you, congratulations for your boyfriend, both of you are so pretty! and this camera is amazing *¬* haha. I’ll add you to my favourite’s blogger’s list. Good luck for you! xoxo. Paulet

    P.S: I love your pictures, they are amazing and so profesional! do you have some page like flickr o something like this?

    • batsandbows Says:

      aw, thank you doll! Love to hear from you again!

      At this point i do not post pictures to flickr – i just post them all here on the blog, so this is where you’ll find the new pics :)

      And thank you again, i love photography, and working with my photographer boyfriend is definitely a reason for the improving quality of the photos.

  2. lina Says:

    omg! that’s amazing. i absolutely love the photos. you have the coolest ideas! :-)
    i love that you even have the exact look on your face and doing the thing with your lips. stunning. hehe.

    • batsandbows Says:

      haha thank you sweetie, i had my share of fun with this project. Im not sure if Rino felt more offended or honored, but it was all made of love and a dash of wit^^

      Now that lip manouver was the challenging part, and also the reason i had a face cramp after taking about 120 pictures in this pose to seal the right look.

    • lina Says:

      rino should definitely feel honoured! tell him i said so. hehe

      awww, i thought it wasn’t easy to do the lip thing the same way he did. 120 pics? wow… that’s a lot.

  3. hollythestrange Says:

    Nice idea, clever photo!

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