leopard fur skin heart

first and second photo: batsandbows in fake leopard fur
third photo: my friend Lene in her tattooed leopard skin
last photo: such a beautiful picture of a leopard at Edinburgh Zoo by Kelly Robinson


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3 Responses to “leopard fur skin heart”

  1. lina Says:

    love your friend’s tattoo. looks amazing.
    and i love how your hair colour looks when you’re wearing the leopard jacket. it’s a really nice contrast. :-)

    • batsandbows Says:

      it looks so good. I think the positioning of it rocks!

      The hair is totally doing its own thing these days, all the prevously bleached areas are breaking off due to the bleaching, so both the colour and the “cut” changes everytime i wash my hair and comb it^^

    • lina Says:

      i think your hair rocks… you should be happy that it changes after everytime you wash it. doesn’t get boring this way. ;-)

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