i blame coco. part two

Come back soon <3

Click here for i blame coco part one.


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5 Responses to “i blame coco. part two”

  1. lina Says:

    so jealous you got to meet her after the show.
    still love your leopard jacket.

    • batsandbows Says:

      the leopard jacket will be around for this autumm, i just started using it again and remembered how much i like it. too bad it got half a pint of beer poured over it at the concert^^ (not mine, i was all sober)

    • lina Says:

      awww, poor leopard jacket. can you wash it in the washing machine or do you have to bring it to a laundry?

      • batsandbows Says:

        it will be a very unhappy wet kitty in the machine, so i decided on leaving the beer in the fur. haha. im gonna try to clean it with a moist cloth and hope for that to be enough, after all, i got half a pint of beer spilled on it, the jacket wasnt drowned in the pint glass.

      • lina Says:

        good luck! ;-)

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