breathe breathe dare

tracing up the same old steps.
you know the vibe is tasting more and more like what you escaped last round.
would you go there again? would you crawl there again?

ray of sun, sugar rush and expensive thoughts.
we drink the unknown
we addict

distrust aside
this bittersweet confession
so much the same, so strong, so vounerable.
and then dare to love

photo: Rino Engdal
text and model: batsandbows


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3 Responses to “breathe breathe dare”

  1. lina Says:

    awww, you’re so pretty and i love your style… but you know that already. :-)
    i love the photo in the alley. amazing photo! surrounded by all the trees.
    i miss going outside and taking photos a lot but i am always so tired after the course. perhaps i’ll have some time this weekend.

    • batsandbows Says:

      thank you sweetie, i never get bored by compliments!

      The lense makes me about 7 metres tall^^

      Take the camera with you tomorrow, and take pictures of 5 things/situations.
      One thing/situation has to be wet.
      One thing/situation has to be colourful.
      One thing/situation has to include a person
      One thing/situation has to be “eatable”
      One thing/situation has to represent a song that you like


      :D xoxo

    • lina Says:

      haha… you’re welcome.

      i wasn’t very successful with the photos today. i took a few but i am not quite happy with them. so i’m going to take some more tomorrow and hope there’ll be one to everything you ask for. haha. the last one is really tough. BUT i’ll find something that reminds me of a song i like until tomorrow.
      so no blog about it today. :-(

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