vivant. maintenant.

Bibi’s arm.


4 Responses to “vivant. maintenant.”

  1. lina Says:

    i thought you got a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D
    your friend’s tattoo looks really nice. what does the date mean to her?

    • batsandbows Says:

      Im such a sissy. i’ll never get the tats i want ha.

      I love this diamond and the positioning of it – on the back of the right upper arm.

      Bibi is a boy.

      But its ok, by the name anyone could assume its a chick.

      The date is his birth date combined with the year he got the tat :)

      Great guy, great tat!

    • lina Says:

      we definitely need to get a tattoo together. let’s get kat von d to tattoo us. XD

      oh, so sorry… in austria bibi is a girls name… so i thought he’s a girl. SORRY. ;-)
      i like the diamond a lot and the positioning is perfect. love tattos on the back of the upper arm.

  2. Bibi Says:

    Ah ah it’s okay about my nick.. ^^ Even in France sounds strange for many ones ;)

    Thank you Kristie for this publication, and thanks for nice comments ;)

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