break it

give my heart away to random heroes
break your bones in second chances
forgetting to run
i will make you heal
i will stop for now

i will move
no touch or sound, i will be as nothing ever came close

back into one shape



5 Responses to “break it”

  1. lina Says:

    is this an x-ray of rino’s arm? poor him. :-(
    love your hoodie photo, gorgeous. :-)

    • batsandbows Says:

      That is indeed his arm… and there will be another photo coming up, which is not an x-ray..

      Thank you, that velvet cape makes me feel all vampy! xoxo Do you own any velvet items? <3

    • lina Says:

      poor guy. hope he’s not in pain?

      hm… i think, at the moment my wardrobe is velvet free. i have to change that. haha. :-)

      • batsandbows Says:

        Well, he has stopped taking the strong painkillers now, and he is totally worn out. I think his body is working crazy hard on trying to heal the big wound around all the metal. The arm is very swollen and discoloured.

        Now on the velvet side; that has to change! You should consider some dark purple velvet items, vampy love!

      • lina Says:

        it’s a good sign that he doesn’t have to take the strong painkillers any more. :-)

        of course the velvet items have to be purple! XD

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