smokey bitter vanilla. aromatic capture

whisky lessons

time for a “whisky sour”

overwhelming scents

the lid. look how smoothly i remove the lid with my left hand. haha. date me.

lesson learnt. tounge numbed. that smokey aroma. vanilla. thank you!

whisky lessons


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5 Responses to “smokey bitter vanilla. aromatic capture”

  1. lina Says:

    awww, that looks like fun! i want to do that too! jealous! jealous! jealous! i hope you know that. haha. ;-)
    did you only taste whiskey that night?

    • batsandbows Says:

      We tasted about 6 different bottles of whisky, and they all had different aromas and developed differently in my mouth. Whisky is so much more than JD! After tasting the last whisky, my mouth was all numb and even hours later, i still had the smokey whisky aroma in my airways^^

      PS: Did you know that Ballantines Finest Blend actually has a caramel smell? Neither did i, but after 5-6 sips of other whiskeys, i smelled it and it has a really strong caramel scent!

    • lina Says:

      i think, i’ve never drunk any other whiskey than jd. i should try some other whiskeys too. :-)
      uh, i love the smell of caramel. definitely need to try that one.

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