steaming. drink.

green tea every day.
blend the leaves with boiling water, leave to settle for one minute.
one brick of pure sugar cane and gently move your wrist until its tornadoed into one steaming hot pleasure.
push the lid on..

photo: Rino Engdal


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3 Responses to “steaming. drink.”

  1. lina Says:

    are you going to make me a cup of green tea when i come visit you?
    i’m so tired. nap didn’t help at all.
    hope you’re feeling better soon.
    miss you. xo lina

    • batsandbows Says:

      of course! you’ll get at least one cup a day! made with love. i had a nap too today, slept for TWO HOURS sqeezed up in one corner of my sofa^^ now its 2 am and i can’t sleep.

      miss you loads

    • lina Says:

      aw, don’t tempt me. i might not leave oslo ever again. haha. ;-)
      oh yeah, taking a nap in the afternoon can be a b*tch. you feel great after it but at night you can’t sleep.

      got my fisheye photos from thailand developed. still sad that we forgot to take some when you were in vienna. fisheye photos ftw! haha.

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