cigarettes and green ginger tea


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4 Responses to “cigarettes and green ginger tea”

  1. lina Says:

    hello miss supermodel! ;-)
    green ginger tea and cigarettes? that’s what you had for breakfast? we definitely have to have breakfast together. hehe

    • batsandbows Says:

      haha yes, these poses are ready for VOGUE magazine!

      It was a decent breakfast, not to be recommended on a daily basis though.

      I want starbucks breakfast with you again, mozarella and tomato sandwich, and that purple tea i drank litres of^^ xo

    • lina Says:

      nah, not vogue… for a super rock magazine. hehe

      i know… i wouldn’t want to have green tea and cigarettes for breakfast every day but every now and then it’s okay. ;-)
      oh yesss, starbucks breakky. that’d be awesome.

  2. hollythestrange Says:

    Awesome belt!

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