Purple plum in hair, split ends everywhere.
I bite my bacon pie and tell the blonde goodbye.

oh the poet.


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5 Responses to “plum”

  1. lina Says:

    okay, it’s definitely darker but it still looks amazing on you. ;-)

    • batsandbows Says:

      i just washed it, and its brighter again^^ the pigments are escaping everytime water comes near ;) but than you sweetie, dark side is good <3 have you tried out the Directions dye yet?

    • lina Says:

      hmmm… guess you have to dye it more often over the next weeks/months until the pigments get used to your hair and stick to it. ;-)
      directions dye? is that the dye in little cans? i think, that’s the dye i used when i had purple hair.

      • batsandbows Says:

        yup. thats the ones! They give a really nice colour and radience to even very dark brown hair and theyre not expensive, and easy to use, so it can be done at home. Gonna go for it? plum is fun^^

        My hair looks like a worn out tshirt now, well, the colour looks like its been washed 80 times, which is interesting compared to the fact that its been only 1 week since i dyed it. oh rocknroll

      • lina Says:

        hahaha… yeah, maybe i’ll do it if we meet in london for new year’s. ;-)
        i’m sorry to hear that the colour didn’t stick to your hair. that really sucks. but i am sure that it still looks great on you.

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