yes, im let loose
from the noose
thats kept me hanging about

sleep all alone
you’re gonna take it all
and I’m gonna rip it out



5 Responses to “ice”

  1. lina Says:

    so you’re back! hooray! i missed you and your blogposts. hehe. ;-)
    love your eye make-up.

    • batsandbows Says:

      thank you sweetheart! The days off did me well, i have such an urge to work more with photography now, so i’ll be posting as soon as i have new ones. Just uploaded a portrait series!


    • lina Says:

      yeah, same here. i’ve been out taking photos almost every day last week. more than i have in the last months. haha.

      you really need to stop that. i was just thinking about you and suddenly you post a blog. that kind of freaks me out.

      • batsandbows Says:

        thats good, creativity is what keeps us developing, oh and lust. What have you taken pictures of, and where can i see them?

        Im not stopping that^^ connection is awesome!

      • lina Says:

        i put some on the blog and the others… i have to photoshop them first. :-)
        mostly i took pictures of the nature or street signs or paintings on walls or you know… just when you go down the street and certain cars or people pass… tried to capture the moment and atmosphere. i also took some portraits but they’re not very good. i’m not good at capturing faces. don’t know why.

        haha… yeah, connection is great. it’s just a bit creepy sometimes. ;-)

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