blue monday hair bangle

i made a new DIY bangle today, and started out with a shiny black bangle. then added lace, black silk, blue hair and a sequin piece. all put together with love and my dear glue gun <3

what do you think? glam or garbage?


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7 Responses to “blue monday hair bangle”

  1. lina Says:

    i love it! except for the hair… that kind of freaks me out. haha

  2. batsandbows Says:

    haha nooo dont be scared, its just syntetic hair!

  3. lina Says:

    yeah, i know… it just reminds me of dolls. and i am scared of dolls. haha

  4. batsandbows Says:

    pretend its my hair then, haha, its basically the same colour i had back in 2009 ;)

  5. lina Says:

    yeah, i can remember that you had blue hair once. hehe.
    i will try to pretend it’s your hair but i am not sure if it’s going to work. ;-)
    i don’t know why dolls freak me out so much. they’re kind of creepy. i’ve never liked dolls. oh… and clowns.

    • batsandbows Says:

      high five on the clowns! never thought they were funny or likeable at all. Not even as a kid.

    • lina Says:

      yeah, same here. that’s why i only watched ‘it’ once. never do that again. haha.
      clowns simply scare the living shit out of me. i don’t even like their make-up. that’s the creepiest part of a clown.

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