heart of lust

theres an ocean of love,
a garden of light
and a heart of lust,
all you need to do is walk,
and the wall will move.

photo: Ingrid Harboe


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10 Responses to “heart of lust”

  1. lina Says:

    wow… your hair got really loooooooooooong. i like, like, like it.

    • batsandbows Says:

      not going to the hairdresser ever again^^ well, thats a lie, but i embrace my split ends and let it grow <3

    • lina Says:

      don’t remind me of the hairdresser. need to go there soon. my hair is so dry and the ends are beginning to split as well.
      i just don’t want to go because i can never find a hairdresser that is good and cheap. :-(

      • batsandbows Says:

        i havent had a scissor near it for almost 2 years! Sometimes har dresser students are really talented, and they’re usually supervised by a professional when they do your hair, aaand you get it for 50% discount! You dont dare to do that, do you?^^

      • lina Says:

        ahahaha… noooooo, i would never do that! i hardly let a professional cut my hair. i would never let a student come near it with a scissor. :-D

    • lina Says:

      ps last time i went i paid 55€ (i think) for only washing, cutting and drying!

  2. slpmartin Says:

    Like the tone in the poem….very pleasant to read.

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