shiver as heart comes alive

Chadwick Tyler: Raise to Walk. Hanne

amazing photo
amazing photographer


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11 Responses to “shiver as heart comes alive”

  1. lina Says:

    i love the colours and the atmosphere in this photo.

  2. batsandbows Says:

    me too! its filled with the feeling of being free

  3. lina Says:

    yeah, totally.

    i love swimming. next time i go to thailand with my brother and angela… we want to go to that place where they filmed the beach. hehe

  4. batsandbows Says:

    ahh that sounds amazing, although that place would freak me out, i remember that beach as so so horrific!

  5. lina Says:

    you mean because of the ending? the drug dealers, the shark attack and that they had to leave the beach? but that was just in the movie. ;-)

  6. batsandbows Says:

    hehe yes, exactly. i know its just a movie, but i tend to feel like movies are so real that the feeling never goes away when its attached to a place. send me photos from your stay at the beach and im sure i’ll soften up about the place^^xo

  7. lina Says:

    haha… okay, i will… and then one day i’ll take you there. ;-)

  8. lina Says:

    ps i sooo want to watch ‘paranormal activity’ but everyone says it is really really really scary. so i’m not sure if i should watch it. have you seen it yet?

    • batsandbows Says:

      Ahh yes, i’ve seen it! And it was really scary. Im not really into scary movies, but i actually made it through this one – its crazy creepy, if you watch it, id recommend not watching it alone…

      • lina Says:

        haha… okay, i will definitely not watch it alone.
        do you know the movie “darkness falls”? i watched it at the cinema a couple of years ago and after i saw that movie i could only sleep with the light on for a whole week, i think. i am like a baby when it comes to horror movies. they scare the living shit out of me.
        when i watched “texas chainsaw massacre” at the cinema i was hiding under my jacket the whole movie. :-D

      • batsandbows Says:

        aww youre just like me then. i avoid watching films like that in the cinema, i turn into a neurotic wreck, haha. I remember sitting with my hands in front of my eyes during the entire Blair Witch project movie back in my teenage years. Learnt my lesson then!

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