tear me apart and wear me

best idea i’ve seen in a long time. im gonna make some items inspired by these soon

designer: Lisa Nagano
brand: Lissita


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6 Responses to “tear me apart and wear me”

  1. lina Says:

    looks kind of creepy if you ask me. especially the one with the arm. but i’m scared of dolls… so perhaps that’s the reason why i don’t like them very much.

  2. batsandbows Says:

    dolls are creepy. my fav is the blonde head with the deco – i find it really beautiful in an odd way. Just bought (iknowiknowiknow) a glue gun and face pink / blue hair. Designsession coming up tonight!

  3. batsandbows Says:

    FACE!? hahaha. i meant “fake”.

  4. lina Says:

    ahahaha… you STILL are a shopaholic. i’m going to get you professional help.
    excited how your little project will look like. want to see the photos as soon as you’re done! ;^)

    ps what happened to the “the office cards” project?


  5. batsandbows Says:

    that glue gun was my best buy in 2010, so far.
    pictures from last nights crafting session is coming in a few hours!

    the office cards are getting a bit of rest right now because of 2 reasons:

    1: i pulled out 3 more cards and they were so stupid, i had no intention of doing what they said. -like growing mold in my coffee cup. (not fun at all)

    2: everyones on holiday, so theres noone here to notice my actions, so im gonna wait and then give some new cards a chance!

    ..oh and that little crafts project, is about to get big plans! xo

  6. lina Says:

    so you’re totally into crafst now, aren’t you? ;^)

    okay, i get that. it’s really not fun when everyone is on holiday and you can’t play the pranks on them. hm… hope the other cards will be better than the ones you pulled already.

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