pretty pink plastic

my fav kitty showed up everywhere in italy

especially in this dedicated shop:

its impossible to not get in a good mood in here!

in the food shop

…and eventually on my iphone, hair and finger

do you have any hello kitty items?


5 Responses to “pretty pink plastic”

  1. lina Says:

    omg… you were in hello kitty heaven. why did you leave??? ahaha. ;^)
    i have a hello kitty bag… unfortunately i kind find it at the moment, i have a sleeping mask, i bag where i put my make up in and a few other things. i always wanted to get a hello kitty tattoo. haha.

  2. batsandbows Says:

    i didnt want to leave. Silver tricked me out of the shop by promising me ice cream.

    Go find the bag! I think i have at least 25 HK items at home, rings, bags, wallet, make up, underwear^^

    HK tats are cute, you should go for it, this is so far my fav:
    its crisp!

  3. lina Says:

    ahahaha. silver is a funny man and knows how to handle hello kitty addicted women.

    i found it already. it was in hidden in another bag! :-D

    yeah, they really are cute… and i would totally get one… i am just afraid that i won’t like hello kitty in the future. i mean, yeah, that could happen to all my tattoos but… hello kitty is special. perhaps i’ll get a tiny one when i get the rest of my sleeve done! :^)

  4. hollythestrange Says:

    I have a photograph of me, my friend, and our little sisters in a Hello Kitty shop in a mall, next to someone dressed up as Hello Kitty.

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