sweet taste, sweet daze

italy grocery shopping. hello kitty chips, ring, iphone case and hair gum with my new obsession: macarones. vanilla meringues and vanilla/caramel tea. guylian sea shell shaped chocolates. im excited about the tea, its gonna be such a treat in my early mornings.

whats your special treats before you leave the house in the morning?


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13 Responses to “sweet taste, sweet daze”

  1. Marte Says:


  2. lina Says:

    a cup of tea and a slice toast with butter. :^)

    • lina Says:

      ps how does the vanilla caramel tea taste? is it any good?

      • batsandbows Says:

        i havent opened the caramel tea yet, so im gonna have my first taste tomorrow morning:) but it smells fantastic through the plastic wrapping!!

      • lina Says:

        i really hope the tea tastes good. i once tried vanilla tea and it was sooo disgusting. i threw up a lot on that day and got a bad headache. i couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth. don’t even want to think about it. haha.

      • batsandbows Says:

        uh ew >.< i still havent tried it haha, i keep avoiding it after your comment. i do kinda see how it can taste like that, but hey, one of these days im filling my Mozart cup with melting caramel and vanilla leafs, and it better be GOOD!!

      • lina Says:

        ahahaha… i am sooo sorry honey! i didn’t want to ruin it for you! next time i won’t mention something like this until you’ve tried it. ;^)

      • batsandbows Says:

        well, at least its a good warning, perhaps you saved me from throwing up on a customer because i drank it for breakfast^^ im gonna try it in the afternoon so that noone gets hurt if it sucks. Im eating macarones again, its such an obsession, i have to learn how to bake it myself! ever tried?

      • lina Says:

        yeah, i tried them. they are good. but i’ve never tried to bake them myself. let me know how it went after you tried. ;^)

    • batsandbows Says:

      ah yes, i love it when the toast is slightly burnt and theres enough butter to make it all salty juicy^^

      • lina Says:

        yay! me too! and also it’s quick to make and you can take it with you when you’re in a hurry and eat it on the way to the tram. :^)

  3. hollythestrange Says:

    Are the pair of you on a mission to make me feel hungry?

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