muffinface cakehead


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5 Responses to “muffinface cakehead”

  1. lina Says:

    since you’re wearing eye make-up again i guess your eye is better, right? :)
    hope you bought the cake hat. it’s amazing. hehe.
    i’m a bit nervous about tomorrow. not sure what i shall wear for the job interview since it is going to be really hot and i don’t want to show them my tattoos. haha.

    • batsandbows Says:

      They eye is not infected anymore, but the eye lid still has a tiny lump :(

      • lina Says:

        awww… but i am sure it will disappear soon! :)
        i have a small lump on my right eyeball. don’t know since when… i’ve noticed it 2 weeks ago. the went to the doctor after the job interview and he gave me some eye drops. so it should disappear soon.

  2. batsandbows Says:

    Oh you’ll rock it! Smile alot and listen carefully to what he/she says before answering, you’ll do great. Its hot indeed, but how about wearing something like this;
    It’ll keep your arms covered but is thin enough to let your skin breathe, aaand at the same time quite stylish! Wear it with black tights. (Not that i know exactly where youre going tomorrow, like, what type of job are we talking about?) xo

    I didnt buy the cake hat. Silver looked at me like “oh god, can we go look at the kitchen tables now?” so i realised i didnt have much support in that buy^^.

    • lina Says:

      yeah, that looks really nice but since i the job interview is at the wirtschaftsagentur wien i should wear something with less colour, i think. i apply there as communication assistant. don’t even know if it’s the right job for me since they have a lot to do with credits and selling oofice spaces and stuff like that but i’ll have a look at it.
      i think i am going to wear black pants, an elegant shirt and a light vest and ballerinas. looks okay for the office but still stylish. :)

      haha. silver should’ve supported you in buying it!!! ;)

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