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premium potato chips

June 30, 2010

photo: Ingrid Harboe


one hand on my hip sweetheart

June 28, 2010

this is my song

Photo: Ingrid Harboe

ignition nostalgia

June 25, 2010

pretty pink plastic

June 23, 2010

my fav kitty showed up everywhere in italy

especially in this dedicated shop:

its impossible to not get in a good mood in here!

in the food shop

…and eventually on my iphone, hair and finger

do you have any hello kitty items?

wuthering heights

June 22, 2010

dame edna

June 21, 2010



June 19, 2010

sweet taste, sweet daze

June 18, 2010

italy grocery shopping. hello kitty chips, ring, iphone case and hair gum with my new obsession: macarones. vanilla meringues and vanilla/caramel tea. guylian sea shell shaped chocolates. im excited about the tea, its gonna be such a treat in my early mornings.

whats your special treats before you leave the house in the morning?

they were fighting beneath our bar seats

June 17, 2010

breathe. bloom.

June 12, 2010