older by the time you feel

dont worry, just hurry cos you have alot to lose!

26. lets get shitfaced.


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3 Responses to “older by the time you feel”

  1. lina Says:

    you look sooo beautiful! is silver taking you out? are you guys doing something special? :^)
    well, you still have 1 hour 32minutes left until you’re 26!
    enjoy the last minutes of being 25. ;^)

    • batsandbows Says:

      Thank you doll! He’s taken me to the best sushi place in Norway, oh my god. Im fed, drunk and ready for more wine!! wish you could be here, im sending you the biggest hug you ever received! we’re going out for more wine now! i miss talking to you, lets make it happen tomorrow! ill be hungover and fucked, but still loveable^^ kisses

      • lina Says:

        i wish i could be there as well! drink lots of wine for me!!! ;^)
        sending you a hug back but mine is even bigger because you’re the almost birthday girl and you deserve it! hehe.
        okay, going to call you tomorrow afternoon or evening.
        have fun!!!!!!!!

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