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go fetch

April 30, 2010

photo: I.H.


i never know when i’m done

April 29, 2010

is so the truth

April 28, 2010

Winter days make me say
What the hey
Let’s say what we needed to say
Since way back when we sailed our inhibitions
Hold on tight cause this is so the truth

The last chapter is written for life as you’ve known it the past 13 years.  Like you say; things change, people change, lives rearrange. I know i will miss it alot.

Follow your heart. I know i look forward to it.

music nights

April 27, 2010

i’ll spend my night right here, singing along to your chorus.

pink silk

April 26, 2010

one week, three occasions of salmon for dinner

i cooked the third one myself


April 25, 2010

don’t stop breathing
the walls have just begun to spin
just let the water calm you this time
it’s all around you, just open your eyes and take a look
it will never kill you; not this time

salmon and wine

April 22, 2010

left for me here

April 16, 2010

You said there was nothing left down here.
Well I roamed around the wasteland,
And I swear I found something.
I found hope, I found God.
I found the dreams of the believers.
Dreams of the believers.

Oh, God! Save us all

-Spencer Chamberlain

older by the time you feel

April 10, 2010

dont worry, just hurry cos you have alot to lose!

26. lets get shitfaced.

so simple

April 9, 2010

so good

so so good.