diy parka back

one hour, two hands, poor sewing skills, great enthusiasm.


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3 Responses to “diy parka back”

  1. lina Says:

    looks awesome… but weren’t you supposed to go to the gym??? ;^)
    is that the jacket you bought at topshop?

    • batsandbows Says:

      i know, i totally got kidnapped by my Mac, that happens alot. So now im sitting here in my gym outfit staring at the screen. Its not the jacket i got at Topshop, but i’ll make sure to post a pic of it soon, posing with a “Trabi” in Prague! Hows your laundry doing? I just emptied my “Jeans” round in the machine. Ok, gym time. Im going out the door now, *poof* im already down the hall^^

      • lina Says:

        ahahaha… yeah, get kidnapped by the internet a lot as well when i am supposed to do other things.
        awesome, can’t wait to see the photo!
        laundry is doing fine… i’m done with the towels and now i am moving on to the blacks. haha.
        have fun at the gym!

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