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i’m busy looking for easter eggs

March 29, 2010

Photos: The Fifth Eye


blue roses

March 28, 2010

Walking home, discovering theres after all some character left in what id felt to be an empty corpse. If i dont know what i want, i now know what i don’t want. Your eyes appear in front of me and i smile as faceless champagne monsters¬†pass.¬†Haha. You’re not like that. Gravel digs into my feet through the thin soles. Taxis slow down as they pass, i walk steady. Your voice tells me everything i need to know, even before you’ve really said anything.

Photos by Batsandbows.

look closer

March 27, 2010


survive kaleidoscope

March 25, 2010


kaleidoscope, clock pendant, bustier, all from Prague.

diy parka back

March 24, 2010

one hour, two hands, poor sewing skills, great enthusiasm.

staying in can be the best going out

March 22, 2010

spring bat

March 16, 2010

bats fly into their looming cages where they eat dark chocolate and water their red flowers with vanilla mist

Photos: 19 moons, thomas hawk, tarina tarantino, pointedshot, sherry’s rose cottage, mulberrymuse, batsandbows.

so old

March 15, 2010

I felt so old today, discovering my tired eyes have drenched themselves in wrinkles and antique skin.

cookie hearts and starbucks arts

March 12, 2010

i want something else

March 8, 2010

to get me through this,
Semi-charmed kind of life